Return & Exchange


Store Deliveries

We keep your Click & Collect products ordered from our online site to be picked up from our stores, and your products whose modifications have been completed and whose change process has been approved, until the opening date of our stores. You will be able to receive your products safely when our stores are opened.                                                                                                                              

Store Returns / Exchange Transactions

You can return / exchange your unused products purchased from our stores from our stores.                                                                                                                Return / Exchange Transactions

We have extended the return / change periods of your shopping from, taking into account the working order of the cargo companies. We will continue to provide all kinds of support regarding the return / exchange of your shopping through our customer communication channels. We believe that we will overcome this difficult period together as soon as possible. We wish you all healthy days and thank you for the understanding you have shown.

I want to return the product I purchased! 

By writing the reason for returning the product you purchased, complete with all accessories, without breaking the label, with the waybill and packaging, in the empty space behind the waybill, return address of andybirds must be here (edited by WD). In your return shipments, the waybill must be visibly affixed on the box. 


Can I return the products I bought from the internet store to the stores?

Unfortunately, you cannot return products purchased from our online store from our stores. You can only exchange products from our stores.


Can I exchange the product I bought from the Internet Store?
How can I make returns / exchanges in stores?

It is currently not possible to exchange the products or products you have purchased from our Internet Store. You can carry out your exchange transactions with the invoice within 30 days from any of our Andybirds Stores.     

  • You can replace your product with any product with the same price.
  • If the price of the product you want to buy in our stores is higher than the price you want to change, you can pay the price difference in cash or by credit card. There is no change in our internet store.
  • If the price of your newly selected product is lower than what you first bought, the difference is made as a credit check or cash payment.


Can I change the gift product?

You can exchange your unused and unmodified gift products at any AndyBrids store within 30 days at the latest with your "gift exchange card".    

  • You can replace your product with any product with the same purchase price.
  • If the price of the product you want to buy is higher than what you will replace, you can pay the price difference in cash or by credit card.
  • When you come with your gift exchange card, if you cannot find a replacement product for the product you want to change A credit check can be given as much as the sales amount of the product that is gifted.
  • No cash refund can be made for Gift Replacements.


Returns and Exchanges Out of scope products (If these products are purchased in our online store, they can be returned provided that they are unopened, unused, undamaged, untested)                    

  • Undergarments
  • Fast consumer products without protective band (cream, shampoo, perfume, etc.)
  • Evening Dresses
  • Character Costumes
  • Hair band etc. accessories such as
  • Socks